Biogas Plants

It is said that one needs to be a visionary to see money in everything, even in waste. InnoVentura believes, and also has proved that, ‘Throwing Away Food Waste is Like Throwing Away Money.’ So put down that trash bin and read further to know how to gain from this simple solution.

To cater the Indian market, we have signed up with GPS Renewables as their Channel Partners. The company is known for manufacturing BioUrja bio-gas plants.

BioUrja – our most economically viable technology

  • We extract the value contained in non-recyclable bio-waste by producing ‘biogas’, a methane-rich natural gas.

  • Biogas arises in the anaerobic degradation process of everything organic.

  • It is the outcome of the natural breakdown of organic and carbon-rich waste due to restricted oxygen supply.

  • With average 55% to 65% methane concentration, guarantees high output of energy production.

Salient Features of BioUrja

Unmatched Efficiency

Generates more gas, nearly 7% of the waste as LPG equivalent


High-grade material is used to create the plant


It takes only 10 sqm. to 25 sqm. for the setup


Pre-fab structure mountable on any flat surface

Low on Maintenance

Runs unmanned

Minimum Operational Cost

No water, only minimal electricity


No leakages or smell

BioUrja Benefits

Greener environment, Greener bottom line and a Greener Persona!

You never realize how much you spend on your conventional LPG until you give it a closer look. By going for a BioUrja plant, the LPG replaced by the bio-gas generated can bring in substantial savings.

In addition, it creates positive impact on the environment.

  • No Waste is sent to the Landfill which is a huge problem in urban areas

  • No Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Lesser usage of Fossil Fuels

All these, lead to Reduced Carbon Footprint and creates a Green Image of your Company.

Benefiters of Biogas in India