Electricity Harvesting Tiles

After saying that visionaries see money in even waste, we also claim that there is electricity even in your footsteps. Sounds strange, doesn’t it. Never mind, just read on to know.

Every time you walk, move or jump on the floor, the friction of your footsteps create kinetic energy. We convert this kinetic energy into electricity and store it into a battery. That’s right, it’s the energy production powered by you.

This patented technology is a simple but wonderful solution that works brilliantly in high footfall areas like malls, amusement parks, transport stations, exhibitions, stadiums, subways and events to name a few.

Right now, this energy is used to power low voltage equipment like vending machines and streetlights. Nevertheless, research is on to generate power through walking to run heavy equipment and machines.

InnoVentura represents a renewable energy company from Netherlands. And we are successfully marketing the solution in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the gulf.